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The Lalco Cafe Experience

The whole experience of Lalco Cafe is a journey centered around a nostalgic trip full of playful and homesick memories. This nostalgic journey is based on a collection of some of your favorite childhood food memories, from your grandmother’s favorite Biryani to your grandfather’s favorite Pakoda’s. Our chef’s choose the best and freshest ingredients to bring those forgotten flavors back into your life.

If you’re looking for a traditional Indian breakfast, we’ve got everything you can imagine. From dosas and idlis with some of the best coconut chutney and sambar in Mumbai to mouth watering, crunchy, yet soft vada pav, our breakfast menu can fill you up for the day.

While we specialize in traditional Indian cuisine, we also offer a variety of the world’s most loved dishes. We’ve taken inspiration from the best restaurants in Florence, Hong Kong and New York to bring you some of the best Italian, Chinese and Continental Dishes in the city. Our chef’s love preparing new and innovative dishes based on old classics. From your traditional red tomato sauce pasta to a creamy pink sauce with sauteed vegetables or grilled chicken and garlic bread 5 different ways. Our very own Chicken Makhanwala Poutine is a special combination of a traditional Indian and traditional Canadian dish. We take our own house made crispy french fries and cover them with Chicken Makhanwala (extra gravy is recommended).

We take the same innovative approach to our Multi-Cuisine Thalis. Whether you are in the mood for Chinese or Italian, why settle for one dish when you can try 5 different dishes in perfectly sized portions all at the same time in an Indian Thali setting.

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